Why is a requester’s reply not changing the ticket status to open?

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  • Gus Martinez
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    So how do I go about fixing this behavior as I sometimes have internal agents that will be submitting tickets to our zendesk that need to alert other internal agents of the changes.

  • Madison Davis
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    Hi Gus! Are your agents using the Support UI to update these tickets? If so, they can still submit the ticket as "open" when they update the ticket. If your agents are not using Support and instead replying by email or another channel, there are still a couple ways you could update the ticket status on these, too. 

    The first option is to have your agents use the Mail API to pass through the ticket status #open as they reply by email. You can read more about Mail API commands and what's possible with them here

    The second option is to create a trigger that opens tickets with a new comment from the requester when the requester is an agent:

    I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction!


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