Setting up the GitHub integration with your Guide theme (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Jameson Simmons

    This is an exciting new feature. Our company uses CodeCommit from AWS to manage its git repositories, so we’ll have to wait and see if support rolls out for other git-based connections.

    In the meantime, you may wish to run a quick find-replace through the text of this article for “GithHub” and “GutHub” :)

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing Jameson. Looks like we have a couple spelling errors we need to take care of on our end!

    I'll pass this along to our documentation team to get corrected :)


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Jameson,

    How embarrassing! Thanks for the heads up. Not sure what was going on there with all those GithHubs." We had corrected it and somehow it came back.

    Anyway, thanks for letting us know. It's all fixed now!



  • Alexey Vorobyov

    Thanks for releasing that feature, guys.


    Was missing it really much.

    Seems that `script.js` also should within a root of the repo?

    We have all tooling in the root, including manifest.json, but the final theme itself is located under `_dist` folder.

    How to deal with that in our case?


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