Announcing Flexible Hierarchies for Zendesk Guide Enterprise

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  • Aaron Stewart

    I tried to click the link to code snippet a couple paragraphs up and it says I don't have access to view that page. I am signed in to my ZenDesk Support account.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Aaron, 

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll fix the link.

    Here's the page you need:


    This is a very useful improvement. Thanks!

  • Amy Gracer

    Zendesk Team... is the API in place to support creation of a Multilevel expandable menu for flexible hierarchies? 

  • Frits van Dee

    As a long time customer on the Enterprise plan (Currently called Legacy), voting and commenting on this functionality years ago, I am quite disappointed this functionality seems not to become available in our plan. What can we do to use this functionality?

  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Hey all,


    so far we only have the parent_section_id attribute added to the Section API - which should allow traversing the tree.

    We are considering some sort of tree-like structure but that would be some time in Q3.


    I've gotten this feedback from other customers and it's been passed to the ones responsible with pricing. Not much else we can do for now...


    I still find not being able to place articles directly in categories frustrating. Our users complain about having to click too much to get quick information from the landing page, like system requirements or getting started. Why is this not allowed? Any plans to change it?

  • Chris Lowe

    Hi All,


    New to Zendesk.

    I've been experimenting with the API code from ScottH to export a list of articles from our Guide.

    I have the list of articles exported successfully (thanks scott) but I need to put the section names in the spreadsheet too.

    I have a 3 section hierarchy within a single category. i.e.




    I can export the list of sections fine but the parent_section_id keeps giving me a type mismatch.

    Very frustrating.

    Any help appreciated.


  • Dan Tabibzadeh

    An amazing feature! I wish it wasn't limited to Zendesk Guide Enterprise, though. Any chance this'll be implemented for Zendesk Guide Professional?

  • Dan Ross

    I have the same question as Amy posted two months ago

    "is the API in place to support creation of a Multilevel expandable menu for flexible hierarchies? "
  • Aswin Kannan

    It's a shame that this feature is available only for Enterprise. Many customers are waiting for another hierarchy level for years, and this move is not a customer-friendly! :(

  • Hi Aswin,

    We create an additional level on Guide Professional. Here are some examples:

    Best regards,

    Lotus Themes



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