Why is my Full JSON export not valid JSON?

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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hi Christopher,

    This article doesn't address the question as to why the JSON file itself isn't valid json. It just provides a workaround to read the contents in the file, line by line.

    Does Zendesk have solutions or suggestions for users who need to find a specific record/records in a full data export? 

    Does Zendesk have the ability to deliver these exports in chunks? ex: each export is limited to X thousand records and there will be multiple files generated to complete the request?


    Thank you,

  • Annie Wu

    Would love to see a solution to this. It is very time consuming to manually get the information I need per ticket. 

    1. Have the ability to create views on all form fields including initial request message OR

    2. Fix the JSON error that gets exported with the JSON file every single time

  • LP

    You can use these tools to validate and share your JSON to identify, https://jsonformatter.org or https://codebeautify.org/jsonvalidator 

  • kate nalani

    I think your problem should be that there is an error in the JSON format. Please carefully check the JSON format for errors. You can use some tools to complete this work https://www.jsonformatting.com/ . 


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