How can a user be created in Zendesk?

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  • Jason Brown

    The above states that a user will be created when "one of your users replies to a ticket or creates a ticket and CCs another email address, Support creates a new user for that email identity if one does not exist already."

    However we are seeing that when a new email address is CC'd on an incoming email, new users are not being created not added to the ticket's CC list.

    I also found some documentation here that states that emails without a user in the system will not be added. It appears that these two articles have conflicting information:

    We are looking for a way to ensure that new users are created when a new email address is CC'd on either a new or existing ticket.

  • Anna Roussanova
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Jason, the article you linked is right. The CCed users will not be created as users in the account if the "Anybody can submit tickets" is disabled. I'll update this article to reflect that.

  • Laura Runnels

    We do not have the "Anybody can submit tickets" setting enabled, but we had an Agent add an external user's email address (the external user did not have an existing ZD user account) to the ticket's CC: box and an end-user ZD account was automatically created for him. He even received the Welcome email. However, instead of linking the user to his company (via the same domain name) ZD linked the user to our company.

    Is that by design?

  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Laura,

    I see a problem ticket on this issue so I'm going to create a ticket for you, you'll see an email with the ticket link.

  • Lea Jane Hug

    Is there an option to set a trigger or automation which would create a new end-user from a comment text?
    For example, we have our own phone system and when we receive voicemails they get sent to our zendesk as email (ticket), we would like to have a trigger that would create a user from defined comment text. We would like to pull from the comment a defined text and use it as a trigger for automatic new user creation. 

    Example of the standard ticket we are dealing with:
    "Voicemail from number: (xxx)xxx-xxxx
    From: John Doe
    Voicemail reads: Hi this is John Doe ...."

    We would like to be able to create a trigger that would pull a name from comment and create an end-user (if other defined conditions are met) 
    Is something like that possible?

  • Russell Chee
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Lea Jane Hug,

    I hope you are doing well and thank you for your question along with a use case. I would like to set expectations that at this current time it is not possible to achieve the workflow you are looking for with either Triggers or Automations. Having said that I would implore you to share your use case as Product Feedback here with our Product teams. Providing feedback helps grow Zendesk alongside our customers needs and ultimately one day your idea could be implemented into the UI.
    Please reach out to us if you need anything else and wishing you all the best :)


  • Meri Aydinyan

    Hi , about API created users ,how can we add admin's name to CC list when sending invitation email to end user.


  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Meri Aydinyan! If you are looking to customize the welcome emails sent to end users, I would check out this article: Customizing the welcome email and the account verification email. Right now, there's not a way to customize the CC'd users on welcome emails, but feel free to add that request to our Feedback on Support page for our product managers and other community members who have similar needs can see!


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