How can I retrieve a user secondary email address via JSON?

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  • Christian Becker

    Hi Matteo, can you give me please an example how i can detect, if a user has multiple identities if I collect all users via api call by organisation. 

    "...api/v2/organizations/{orga_id}/users.json?page=12"  f.e.

    I do not want to make for each customer another call to the API to check if user has multiple identities.... 

    Can you please include a flag "HasMultipleIdentities" true, false ? Otherwise we will have much traffic to your servers.... 


    Thanks Christian



  • Matteo
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Christian,

    It seems like you're trying to fetch user identities via the Organization endpoint. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible, since the two endpoints do not relate to each other, and sideload is not an option in neither of them.

    Therefore, the calls must happen separately and each fetch the data you need.

    Hope this helps.


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