Announcing Article Verification for Guide Enterprise

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  • AndyR

    Will this be available for Guide Legacy?

  • Ryan McGrew

    Hey @AndyR,

    Unfortunately this feature is only available to customers on Guide Enterprise.


  • Louise Holmstrøm Stolborg



    Are there any plans on automatically unpublishing outdated articles? For instance, if an agent doesn't review the article in time.

    Or, if you only want an article up for a limited time. Say something seasonal, or an overview of why the server was down (which is irrelevant after a specified timeframe)

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Louise,

    It looks like this is something our Product Managers are looking into so we appreciate you sharing your use case with us :) Scheduled publishing in particular is next on their list of features that could be released in the near future.

    Hope the above information helps!

  • Sana Stephens


    I wouldn't want any articles to be archived because they weren't reviewed because all articles are set to 1 year, what would be helpful would be to have article verification added to the article level and I could set the number of months I want the article to be active.

    There are articles that will never be outdated because its standard content like a definition or formula and those don't change. 

    We publish quarterly documents that after 1 yr can be archived but is rarely done because someone has to manually go in to do it.

    If we can set the time period we'd want the article published before it should be automatically archived that would be something that would help us keep our content relevant.



  • Louise Holmstrøm Stolborg



    The feature I hoped for is just as Sana Stephens described. When you publish an article, you can give it a date where it is automatically archived, since doing it manually is always forgotten.




  • Rafael Franca Silverio

    Improvement suggestion

    Create Rule Text field.
    In this field we could inform the user the reason for the need to verify the article.
    Thus, in the notification email would have the personalization of the text of each rule.

  • Zac

    Rafael's suggestion is great! The verification messages sometimes confuse some of my content admins... having the rule text would be extremely helpful.


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