What day is the start of the week for Explore's week attributes?

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  • Rebekah S
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    Please add some way to change this default setting.  Our company metrics are calculated Sun-Sat in everything else, which makes it almost impossible to combine or compare Zendesk data with any of our other metrics.

  • Ayal Kellman
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    @Rebeka @Andrea

    Did you post your comments to the Feedback as Nicole suggested? Send links so I can vote for your request :)

  • Andrea Rodriguez
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    I second that. All our metrics are set Sun-Sat and we'd have to do a lot of manual adjustments to get it to work with our data as well. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Rebekah and Andrea -

    You may want to post your comments to the Explore Product Feedback topic in the community. The Explore product managers are pretty good about seeing and responding to requests there.


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