Why do I see discrepancies between Insights and Explore?

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  • Abby
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    Are there any other common reasons why there might be discrepancies other than the above suggestions?

    E.g. I'm looking at satisfaction scores (%) and there seems to be a small % discrepancy between the two reporting, even though the Metrics and the Attributes that are being used for each reports are the same (simply the % satisfaction score, with the month ticket was created).

  • Patrick Bosmans
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    Hey Abby,

    As Hannah mentioned, because of sync times and timezones affecting the data, depending on when exactly you are viewing your reports, different tickets will be referenced, offering different results.

    I might suggest drilling through some of the data returned to see if you notice some tickets referenced in some reports and not others.

    If you find that the tickets are matching as far as same number with same csats, I might suggest sending in a request to support@zendesk.com so that one of our agents can take a look at your account directly and we would be happy help troubleshoot further!

  • Judd Higgins
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    What I am noticing is that CSAT metrics in Explore count previous ratings if a ticket was rated prior to being replied to.

    For instance, a ticket has an existing CSAT rating from 2 weeks ago, the ticket is replied to, worked on again and Solved again last week.  The Explore metric for CSAT, filtering for last week, will count the CSAT rating from 2 weeks ago when filtering by "Solved Date, Last week" even though the actual CSAT rating was given 2 weeks ago.

    Insights doesn't seem to have this issue.

  • Gentry Geissler
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    Hi Judd!

    We dug into this a little bit and according to the Explore metric reference and the Insights metric reference, events don't matter to CSAT. So, if a ticket is in a solved state and has a CSAT, should show up. What's more the ticket can't have more than one solved date, so that is updated when a ticket is re-solved.

    You may want to look at the filters being used for your reports and make sure the two match. If you want us to dig into it further I would encourage you to contact support@zendesk.com with some exact report examples for us to take a look at. 

    Hope that helps!


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