Upgrading from Insights to Explore

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  • Chris Bulin

    Is there any place where we can find equivalent metrics between Insights and Explore? For instance, I'm pretty sure # Tickets in Insights is Tickets>Tickets in Explore, but since the metrics aren't written the same way, it is difficult to tell.

  • Patrick Bosmans


    We currently don't have a direct comparison chart for a side-by-side comparison of metrics between the 2 platforms.

    However, I did ping our documentation team to see about adding this to our knowledge base to help with any confusion for our customers as they migrate from Insights to Explore.

    Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA for you at this time.

  • Chris Bulin

    Thanks for the update Patrick!

  • Jonathan March

    Just want to confirm explicitly -- after activating Explore, Insights will still be available for a long time (a) to actually use and (b) to refer to when setting up Explore, correct?


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Jonathan -

    Yes and yes. Accounts that currently have Insights will keep it when they purchase Explore for the time being. More info here: The future of reporting for Zendesk products

  • Allison Ramsey-Henry

    I am excited about the new product but I am disappointed that there is so little support for moving our reports. We have years of reports used by many different users which will have to re-built in Explore. The lack of specific documentation on the data and metric conversions makes it harder- I hope to see that soon. For now I think we will probably stay put in Insight until we're forced to move.


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