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  • Nuno Parreira


    I have the same question as Karl:

    How can we check the current requester wait time?


  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Nuno Parreira,

    I would recommend utilizing the following metric in your report. You can find more info on this and more in our Metrics and Attributes article.

    Requester wait time (min) The number of minutes a ticket spends in the New, Open, and On-hold statuses. This number is only measured after a ticket status is changed from New/Open/On-hold/Pending/Solved/Closed.

    (Requester wait time (min))


    Best regards. 

  • Jorge Yeber

    I have a question about the metric Field changes Time (min)). Im building a calculated metric using the next code 

    [Changes - Field name]="Motivo Contacto"
    and [Changes - Previous value] = NULL
    AND [Changes - New value]!= NULL
    ) THEN VALUE(Field changes time (min))

    When I use the calculated metric these returns an emptyvalue. Why could occured that?

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jorge Yeber

    I checked in with one of our Explore team and they said the metric you made may be returning empty values for a number of reasons: you may have misspelled the field name, you could be using the wrong dataset in the report you're using it in, there may be no tickets that have Motivo Contacto as a value in the subset of ticket's you're looking at.

    Another good point is that if at any point in the life of the ticket that field changed to NULL, even if it is not NULL now, the code you have excludes that ticket. So for tickets that change back and forth, those would not show up with this metric.

    This recipe may help you get it sorted out a bit: Explore recipe: Reporting on the duration of fields.

    If that does't help I'd recommend contacting support so one of our advocates can help you troubleshoot in context and pinpoint what is going wrong!

  • CJ Johnson

    The Update - Timestamp Attribute appears to be missing from the Dataset for Support Updates. I'd love to know how this is calculated, as I'd like to make one that drops off the seconds from this timestamp. 

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi CJ Johnson, thanks for the question. As there are a bunch of different time-based attributes, we don't list them all individually. There are a couple of ways you could tackle this:

    1. Create your own attribute with just the elements you need like Year, Hour, etc. There's a great example of this at
    2. I think that the timestamp is always exactly the same length so you should be able to create a standard calculated attribute that returns only the first 16 characters of the Update - Timestamp attribute. The formula would look something like:

    LEFTPART([Update - Timestamp],16)

    I hope this helps to spark some ideas!

  • David Coleman

    Does an Answer Bot reply count as a agent First Reply? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey David,

    Excellent question! Answer Bot reply does not count towards the First Reply Time metric. FRT requires a public response from an agent on the account.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • David Coleman

    Awesome! Thank you.

  • Crawford Philleo

    I'm wondering if there is a way to get the (Agent Replies) metric on the Tickets data set to reflect only public comments by agents that do not contain a specific string. I'm noticing that this metric is pulling in values when we've merged a ticket. I wouldn't count this as a "reply" to the requester. Is this possible? So in my use case, I'd want to be able to have a metric called like "Actual Replies" which would be the same as (Agent Replies) minus comments that include the string "was closed and merged into".

  • CJ Johnson

    Is there any plan to include an "end-user replies" in the Support Default dataset? It seems extremely strange that it's not available in this one. 


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