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  • Jahuber Hameed Imran

    Hi This is Imran. I am new to this Zendesk.

    Actually we are trying to set a trigger which displays a specific message to the user whenever they lands on a specific page. the conditions and actions been set . But it is not working due to some issues. Can any one help on this?

  • Nils Rebehn

    Hello Jahuber,

    I stumbled across your post and thought I can help out. I double checked your settings and it should work - we are using the same. Maybe you can try the following:

    • Check for a typo in the full URL
    • Change "Equals" to "Contains" and use a much shorter URL
    • Make sure at least one person is online to receive chats

    Hope that helps

    Nils / Guidoo Services


  • Dimond

    My account has been suspended with out any reason-
    Facebook id login-
    My game name:-RJ°᭄আজরাইল
    My Game id :-601041187
    Guild Name:-No needed
    Character Level:-8
    I Didn't use hack or mode please help me to get back my account.
    Thank you


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