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  • Adrian M.

    Brandon Tidd I am following up on my previous concern with filtering FRT by tags if you can help please :)

    I created a FRT heatmap, that includes also the number of tickets, which I filtered to exclude certain tags (as per advice).

    When testing for accuracy, I discovered, as highlighted in the capture below, that there are FRT values for 0 tickets:

    When drilling through for that FRT value, I found a ticket with one of the tags which should have been excluded by the filtering. This is the same for all cases where the ticket number is 0 but there is a FRT value in the heatmap: the tag filtering is not applied to FRT.

    Am I missing/doing something wrong or the tags filtering functionality doesn't work for all metrics and FRT is among them?

    Many thanks!

  • Saxon Clay

    Adrian M. Tag exclusion filtering doesn't work, this has been a known issue in Explore for at least a year and it doesn't seem like something they'll be fixing anytime soon. 

    I would recommend instead baking a tag exclusion into a custom metric like so:

    IF NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "badtag") THEN MED(First reply time (min)) ENDIF

    I didn't test that myself, but I've used similar metrics to good effect for us when we need to exclude automated nagios uptime tickets and such. 

  • Tejas Patil

    @Adrian M. did you tried using the Metric filter to remove blank values for number of tickets metric?

  • Adrian M.

    Saxon Clay Many thanks for the great suggestion to include the tag exclusion in a metric. The example formula worked for me, with a little change: VALUE instead of MED before (First reply time (min), since I am applying the aggregator in the query. 

    Tejas Patil upon your advice, I tried the filter and nothing changed visibly to the heatmap. But the help is appreciated :)


  • James Gallagher

    We want to categorise our tags into 'primary' and 'secondary'. Primary defining the account query, order query, or delivery query. The secondary to outline the specific nature of the ticket i.e 'deliveryquery' 'delayeddelivery'.

    Is it possible to search tag 'x' and view all other tags auxiliary to this?

  • Thibaut
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi James,
    I created a ticket for your question so we can look into it better.

    Thibaut | Customer Advocate | EMEA

  • Laurène Dupas


    I would like to make reports in which I exclude all tags containing "autosolve" in them. 

    We have 16 subsidiaries live on Zendesk right now (on one instance), so we have a bunch of autosolve tags. 

    Would it be possible to make a formula this way :

    IF (NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "*autosolve*")) THEN [Ticket ID] ENDIF
    The stars between autosolve would make sure it would take all tags including this word.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  • Saxon Clay

    Laurène Dupas

    The metric you noted is close but you want to use '%' as the wildcard character instead of '*'. Something like this should do what you're looking for:

    IF NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "%autosolve%")
    THEN [Ticket ID]
  • Laurène Dupas

    Thank you Saxon Clay, I will try it :)


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