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  • Styles Beagley

    WHAT?? What channel do we select for our tickets?

  • Spencer Hudson

    what about multiple brands with international timezone configurations?

  • Jasmine Morrow

    All of my company's settings are set to start Operating Hours at 6am EDT (UTC-4) for every department. Operating hours did not start until 7am EDT (UTC-4) and I lost an hour of productivity. I cannot reach a live support agent for assistance with diagnosing and correcting this issue, and I need it to be corrected today.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Jasmine,

    I see you have a ticket open with our Customer Care team regarding this issue. One of our agents will follow up with you in that ticket to troubleshoot this issue further. You can also try chatting in with one of our agents using the following instructions: Contacting Zendesk Customer Support

    I hope this helps!


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