Setting up Salesforce integration in Zendesk Chat

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  • Janiece Caldwell

    "Note: The Salesforce for Chat integration is only supported for standalone chat accounts. Accounts integrated with Zendesk Support cannot use Salesforce for Chat."


    What is the difference between the two different accounts? Is the account integrated with Zendesk Support the bundle deal?

  • Danny Ayres

    Can Zendesk Chat be integrated with Salesforce so that chats can be taken live through salesforce?



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Danny -

    No, that is not a capability of the integration.

  • Maria Laura Oribe

    Hello, we are trying to configure the integration configuration between zendesk and salesforce, but once the accounts are connected, we do not see the option anywhere of the link for case creation in salesforce. Could you please tell me the steps that I should follow once the zendesk and salesforce accounts are connected?

  • Wilfred Kaw
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    @Maria Laura Oribe
    I'm afraid this feature is limited to customers on a Phase 0 or 1 account (Stand alone Chat) or at a minimum of a Team level for our Chat product. Hope that helps clarify this one!

    Zendesk Support | Wilfred Kaw | Customer Advocate - Technical Support Engineer - APAC

  • Aleksandrs Dolmaotovs

    Hello, we have integrated chat with salesforce. 
    Once a new chat is started, integration creates a case in salesforce. 
    We expect that, when the conversation is finished, chat transcript will appear in case details. 

    What we see is "The chat transcript will be appended when the agent or visitor leaves the chat." 

    But transcript never appears when all participiants left the chat.
    How can we fix this?


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