Installing Zendesk Chat for Salesforce

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  • ruchika Choudhary

    Can i put sandbox credentials while in step 3 ? Whenever I try to log in with sandbox credentials I get an error invalid username and password. 

    But when I try to log in through the production, I get logged in


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Ruchika,

    Are you using a standalone Chat account or do you have a Chat account that's directly integrated with Support? If you're using a standalone Chat account you can only have this integrated with one Support account at a time. Meaning if you have it integrated with your Production account you won't be able to use it with your Sandbox account.

    Additionally, if you're using the Integrated Chat account you will not be able to use this integration since each Chat account only has one integration slot. Since you have an account integrated with Support this slot is no longer available and cannot be used with Salesforce.

    It sounds like the issue you're running into is with a standalone Chat account since you're able to log in through production.

    Hope the above information helps!

  • ruchi.rpb

    Thanks for the response, I have another question. The contact which is created while creating case do not have phone number though we have phone number in the Zendesk System. Is there any way we can pull phone number in Salesforce for that case.

  • Maria Laura Oribe

    Hello, we are trying to configure the integration configuration between zendesk and salesforce, but once the accounts are connected, we do not see the option anywhere in the link that you comment to create the case.


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