How can I send chat transcripts manually?

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  • Jess Hartley

    Hi there, it would be helpful if two additional features were enabled with chat transcripts.

    1. Autofill the email address for the end-user if there is one from the pre-chat form. We just recently had an agent send a transcript to the wrong customer due to human error that this would have prevented,

    2. See in the history or on the transcript ticket the email address that a transcript was sent to, whether the agent requested it or the customer. I can't find a way to see this now.

  • Hi

    We are working chat from Support platform, but we cant fin a way to manually send chat transcript.


    Any tips?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Anders,

    Thank you for posting a comment on our Community. As of the moment, the option to export the chat transcript during ongoing chats is not yet available. You can check Limitations in the Zendesk Agent Workspace for the complete details.



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