What does it mean when a dataset shows "Out of date"?

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  • Fiona

    Why do I see two similar versions of the same thing? I see it's explained at the beginning of this article, but we have only been with Zendesk for 1 month and I'm not sure what I should be choosing to build my reports. Thank you!

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Fiona, 

    If you have activated your Explore account recently all your datasets will be on the latest version. From what I see you have two types of datasets. Prebuilt datasets and the datasets that have been created as the result of the default dashboard cloning. 

    I suggest using the prebuilt once because we will keep them up to date and they are shared with all Explore Editors by default. The problem is that at the moment it is hard to tell which of them are prebuilt. We will be updating the prebuilt dataset titles soon, to ensure that locating them is easy. 

    These are you prebuilt datasets:

    As well, we will be releasing a fix that will ensure that default dashboards do not generate new datasets when cloned. 


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