Installing Zendesk Chat for Magento 2.0

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  • Dan

    Hi, I'm working with developers on Magento 2.2 build (we currently use Zopim on our retiring platform). I cannot see anywhere showing that ZenDesk Chat supports Magento 2.2?

    Can you confirm if it is supported / or a release date to when you expect it to be supported? I would rather install natively and not use another 3rd party App to do this if possible to avoid. The only reference I can see is the below:


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Dan,

    The Magento plugin isn't maintained by us so we cannot guarantee it working on Magento 2.2.

    You can always embed the widget directly without using a plugin, either directly in the website code or via tag manager tool like Google Tag Manager.



  • Sam L.

    On the later version of Magento 2, you need to go to Content >> (Click edit on your store) >> HTML head 


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