Multibrand Setup (Part 3): Best Practices

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  • Charles Romestant

    This does not work entirely for instance if the account is set at UTC, and youhave a department that operates in UTC-5 from 9am to 9 pm (UTC -5). when you convert this you get that you should set the operating hours from 14 ( 9 + 5) h to 2 am ( 9 pm + 5h) .... with the current widget this is NOT possible.
    Multi timezone support is not something that should be that difficult to implement, and really this work around does not make sense....

  • Sergiu Birca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Charles,

    If I understand correctly you want to have the following OH for a specific department: 14:00-02:00 (the following day) (time converted to overcome the existing multibrand timezone limitation ).


    If yes, then you should create 2 entries in your OH settings for the same department, like:

    Department_name OH1:

    start 2:00PM -  end 12:00AM




    Department_name OH2:

    start 12:00AM -  end 2:00AM



    Hope it helps.



  • Charles Romestant

    Ok, that makes sense.

  • Charles Romestant

    I've been looking at this more, and even though the solution you provided does work, it is only a workaround. and a fairly impractical one ....


    This work around does not take into account DST, timezone switches ( for when one country switches timezones, as they do not all switch at the same time). etc... it makes managing this very tedious, because you have to recheck everything when that  happens.


    This could all be avoided with proper settings by departments.


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