Updates to how time-related data is displayed in Explore

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  • Jonathan Firestone

    This is great news! Thank you!

  • Andrew Forbes

    Woot woot! We are excited too, Jonathan!! 

  • Greer Davis

    Does this apply to all time attributes? For example, I'm using Call - Hour in the Talk dataset. I chose that instead of a renamed one for my time zone because it was making my report inaccurate due to the daylight saving switchover that happened in the time period I was looking at. 

    Now I'm looking at the same report and it seems like Call - Hour is in my time zone when I run the report. Does this account for daylight saving? Should I rerun the reports separately for DST vs standard time?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Greer, 

    I reached out to our Explore team and they've confirmed that these datasets will take into account DST in the timezone the agent has set.



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