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  • Josh Keller

    I'd love to be able to use Multi-Select fields as parent fields in conditions. So if the user selects multiple options in this parent field, child fields for each of those options should appear.

    But overall I think this new UI is much easier to deal with than the v1 version. Thanks!

  • Deidre

    Zendesk conditional fields doesn't allow me to add fields that are already used in separate conditions on the same form. Some of our workflows are status based. When a certain status is selected then field 1, field 2, and field 3 display. When the ticket goes to the next status field 4, field 5, and field 6 display. When the ticket moves to the next status I need to display field 1, field 2, field 5,field 7, and field 8. To use the Zendesk conditional fields I will have to create duplicate and triplicate fields to conform to what we have now. 

    I hope this feature can be added before the conditional fields app is deprecated. If not we will be back to 96+ forms. Also, contextual workplaces isn't an option because of how our tickets move to different departments. 

  • Ola Timpson

    We would also love to be able to show/hide options within a field based on the contents of another field.

  • matthewl

    Hi there,

    While trying out the new built-in Conditional Fields in Sandbox mode, I notice that I am unable to replicate one particular important function which the current Conditional Fileds V1 App allows me to do.

    • Making a field Required makes the field Required to submit"Agent" cannot submit the request until they complete the required field.
    • The "Submit" button will be greyed out until an Agent fills up the Required field.

    How do I replicate this function with the new built-in Conditional Fields?

    I am very reluctant to do the migration at the moment until I have a clearer picture of this matter.

    Please advise

  • Justin Federico

    Will there be any granularity added to this feature?

    We use a third party app to expose particular drop-down options in a ticket field when a condition is met rather than just the ticket field itself. This feature would allow us to replace the third party app with this native conditional ticket fields functionality. 

  • Matt McLean
    Community Moderator

    Adding a "me too!" for matthewl's and Reshma's comments above…

    Specifically, we would really love the ability to mark certain fields as required for Agents to submit ticket UPDATES, not just SOLVE a ticket.
    It doesn't even need to be part of "conditional fields"…
    It might make more sense to add this option to each individual field, as in my mockup below:
  • Jacob

    Heads up to everyone asking about requiring fields on specific statuses or on all ticket updates, not just on solve. We've launched a new EAP called "Enhanced Field Requirements" to address this ask 🎉

    The Enhanced Field Requirements EAP gives you the ability to require conditional fields on submit as well as on specific statuses, not just “on solve”. This functionality ensures you can consistently get the data you need, only when needed, maximizing data capture and agent efficiency. For more details, check out the EAP page here


    Note - We are still accepting sign-ups for the next couple of weeks, but that doesn't necessarily mean your account will be added. Check out the sign-up topic here.

  • Darren Taylor

    Newly created ticket fields are not showing up under the "Then show these fields" drop down?

  • Reshma Patel

    @Brett in response to your comment related to the below:

    • Making a field Required makes the field Required to submit"Agent" cannot submit the request until they complete the required field.
    • The "Submit" button will be greyed out until an Agent fills up the Required field.

    Do you know if the product team is planning on introducing that functionality prior to the deprecation of the conditional fields app?  Hoping to wait till that functionality is native, but if there is no plans on it prior to the deprecation, we will need to start looking at building something custom. Please advise. 

  • Mistyamber Reynolds

    I have multiple values in my field that would go in the "required" area.  Rather than creating multiple conditions, could I do "required: not blank"?

  • Wesley Shi

    Heather Rommel Sergio Castro

    I would also like to see support for Multi-Select fields in the conditions.  Please let us know if this is on the roadmap.

  • Christoph Kutz


    I'm searching for the option to add multiple conditions that need to be fullfilled in the parent field before the child field is displayed.


    For example: If the Issue type is X AND Product Model is Y, then  show Z.

    Right now this doesn't seem to be possible.

  • Chris Clark

    Hi -

    I'd like to display a block of text in response to a condition being met. e.g. a customer selects a reason for contact, and we show a sentence of text like "Did you know you can make that change yourself [here]?"

    I can't figure out how to do this, as I can only show a field in response to a condition being met, and I don't believe there is a type of field that is a "display only" block of text. Any ideas how I might be able to cobble this together? Seems like a very sensible use case for conditions!


  • Kevin Darby

    Is there a way to have two Parent conditions result in a field being displayed? Example: If Field A = PC and Field B = Crash then show Field C.

    Thank you.

  • Robbie Chasse

    For fields that are text box. I would like to set conditions. This currently only works if I know what the text is. Since the text is always different I would like the requirement to equal "Not Blank". Can you please make this happen?

  • Sunwing Vacations Inc.

    Can you control the values showing for a ticket field based on what value you selected from another ticket field  ?




    Ticket Field 1, has drop down values A and B

    Ticket Field 2, has drop down values C,D,E,F


    If you choose value A from Ticket Field 1, Ticket Field 2 will show drop down value C and D

    If you choose value B from Ticket Field 1, Ticket Field 2 will show drop down value E and F 




  • Kamolchanok Jittrepit

    Are there any way to clear conditional fields that had been selected?
    Now, my team has 2 choices: using macro to clear dropdown fields or using trigger to clear them.
    But both of them are not easy to do ( To tell agent to use macros) and maintain system (to train admin to config it).

    I have to clear conditional fields because it affect the report.

  • Sergio Castro

    I want to create conditionals field´s tickets in a form, but when i use a ticket field and want use to create a  condition, don't show me all fields tickets, only show me some ones, why?, how can a visualized all fields tickets that i create or that appear in the account 

  • Robbie Chasse

    On a single ticket we can have several claimant, up to and over 10 at times. I dont know the names of the claimants but in order to have a multi-line or single line condition it has to be exact. Please change this to allow for "if present".  I do not want to have to fill the ticket with a dozen fields if they are not needed. 

  • Melanie Halse

    Just migrated to the conditional fields integrated feature, and we love it!  So much easier than the conditional fields app! 

  • Kevin Arnoult

    Hi Zendesk team!

    Having conditional fields to work on multi-select fields has been requested several times already.

    Would that be on your roadmap?

    Also would you have any workaround while it's not available in the meantime by any chance?

  • Peter Rittau

    I would like to create a similar form like this.

    Creating the fields and the conditions is no problem, but what I don't know is how the text is then displayed (green), depending on the pre-selected fields (red).

  • Bryce Radick

    I'm having an issue that I don't see in the comments. We have a fairly large set of custom fields for ticket categorization and would like to add these to the ticket form that customers fill out. I see where to do that, but my concern is that the language and some of the selections aren't customer-friendly. For instance, I don't want customers to see the categorization option "Fishing for a discount," but would like for them to see something with more friendly wording, "Request for a discount". I know that I could rename all of the selections to be customer friendly, but the issues there is that it would affect agent workflows negatively and there are also some categorizations that I don't want to have the customer see any version of, like "Promo code abuse". Our list of categories is also just too long – I wouldn't want to display them all to the customer. Is there any way to alias/mask the selections for end-users?

  • Amber Barnes

    @Brett - no error. I just want to be able to make a field required in a specific form, right off the top. This new functionality only allows me to do this to a ticket field that is conditional to another ticket field.

    With the app, I am able to choose a group, and then make a ticket field required from there (no ticket fields conditional to another ticket field). I understand you are not able to do conditions based on groups anymore which is fine, but would be nice to have this functionality replaced on the form level, whether conditional fields exist or not.

    Does it make sense this way?


  • Ravin Subramaniam

    Hi, I have similar request as @Albert Aguilar. Referring to the example above, I don't want "Child 1" or Child 2" fields. Instead I want one filed only. Say "Child" but the values should be dependent to the selection in "Parent" field. Is this possible? Matt McLean

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    Anyone found best workaround to replace Conditional field based on group?

  • Reshma Patel

    I believe it's the same.  Currently we can make a field required on save or submit on the agent side though the conditional field app. This is extremely useful to ensure tier 1 teams are completing required fields prior to escalating to a tier 2 team.  The new CTF does not have this functionality.

  • Theodore Wolf

    Love the new interface! 

    Some feedback: it would be nice to be able to edit tags easier than it is now. We have a quite large form, and taking out each field and condition to modify the tag is quite a tedious process. 

  • Dave Tonks

    JP Support: Mick and Ravin Subramaniam +1!


    I'm finding that rather than assisting us, the conditional fields/forms setup is proving frustrating in that we're spending a fair bit of time finding loopholes/workarounds in Zendesk to achieve our goals.

    In our case, we need a way of simply saying if Type = Task AND Parent = 'Show Child 1' THEN show this field.

    Moreover, we wouldn't need the above at all if conditional values were possible, rather than conditional fields.

  • Simonsen, Morten Achton

    I'm trying to show a numerical field, based on the value of a drop down field.

    I can only get it to work, if the numerical field is editable for end users - and not if it's a read-only for end users.

    Is that by design or have I missed something.


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