Creating conditional ticket fields

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  • Ravin Subramaniam

    Hi, I have similar request as @Albert Aguilar. Referring to the example above, I don't want "Child 1" or Child 2" fields. Instead I want one filed only. Say "Child" but the values should be dependent to the selection in "Parent" field. Is this possible? Matt McLean

  • Dave Tonks

    JP Support: Mick and Ravin Subramaniam +1!


    I'm finding that rather than assisting us, the conditional fields/forms setup is proving frustrating in that we're spending a fair bit of time finding loopholes/workarounds in Zendesk to achieve our goals.

    In our case, we need a way of simply saying if Type = Task AND Parent = 'Show Child 1' THEN show this field.

    Moreover, we wouldn't need the above at all if conditional values were possible, rather than conditional fields.

  • Marci Abraham

    When an end-user submits a ticket with conditional fields, the dropdowns do not have the matching information selected when the agent views the ticket. The tags are created, but the agent still has to change the fields to match the tags. Is this the expected behavior? or did I miss something in setup?


  • Anthony DelCampo

    Marci Thats odd,  I just triple checked one of my forms after reading your comment.  On my end, we have a few conditions but the fields are filled in for a Multi text, or Dropdown. 

  • Kevin Arnoult

    Hi Zendesk team!

    Having conditional fields to work on multi-select fields has been requested several times already.

    Would that be on your roadmap?

    Also would you have any workaround while it's not available in the meantime by any chance?

  • Kevin Lewis

    How do I use conditional fields to populate options from a conditional type without having those fields show up in the ticket request form. As of now, I am forced to include all the fields to have them show up as conditional field options...but the fields all show in the ticket request form prior to the parent level options being selected. I don't want any of these options to even show until a specific field is selected at the parent level. 

  • Fridtjof Hals


    Is there any way to add two conditions to a field?
    As in using an and in the if statement?

    If a and b then show c

  • Mark Leci

    Has there been any progress on making a field required on submit? This currently doesn't seem possible. For example, if I have a (custom dropdown) field A, the only way to make it required is to set it as required based on when another field B is set. However if the agent submitting the form doesn't fill in either A or B, the form accepts the request. There's also no way to get around this using something like a trigger, because a trigger only runs on submit (and apparently after the form conditions are validated). So a trigger that automatically sets field B will not cause the form to be rejected. This is currently generating quite a bit of unnecessary work for my team so I would love to see it fixed. 

    Setting the field itself as 'required on submit' also doesn't seem to work, as the default value for a dropdown field is blank, which the system treats as a value so doesn't give any error. 

  • Robbie Chasse

    @mark Yes it is possible. 

    Yes it is possible


    You can also set a trigger with the condition to always be met with X, you can have as many triggers as you want with as many conditions. I just did this for a check box to send a trigger if checked and a different one if unchecked. 

  • Mark Leci

    Robbie Chasse can you expand on that please? I'm not sure how a trigger makes the field required on submit. 

  • Fiona W


    I just got Enterprise level and I'm not sure what I'm missing but something isn't right when I try to set this up.

    I currently have two ticket fields (parent and child). Since we only just got Enterprise, these are just two separate fields I set up and agents know that if they select a specific option from the dropdown in parent field, that they should select something from the dropdown in child field. Now that we can make them conditional, I added child as a condition of the specific option in parent's drop down but I still see both fields on all tickets. When I try to remove child field from the ticket form, it won't let me as it's a condition of parent.... not sure what I'm missing here? I'm wary of removing the child field from the form as I suspect this may erase all data collected over the past year we've been using it.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Fiona W

    Update: I refreshed the browser and this seems to work now, sorry!

  • Anais


    I would have appreciated if I could duplicate end-user conditions to make agent's conditions.
    I show basically the same fields in the two cases, and this requires picking-up a dozen fields to show (which is a one-by-one operation).

  • Fiona W

    Now that I have the conditional fields working, I'm a little concerned about what happens when I want to change my selection in the parent dropdown field. After some experimenting, I noticed that: 

    - if I have something selected in the child field, then change my selection in the parent field, causing the child field to be removed from my form, the selection in the child field is still there, even upon submitting the ticket

    - Furthermore, I tried to fix this by re-selecting the conditional option in the parent field so that the child field appears, then I made the child field blank (as it should be if the corresponding option in the parent field is not selected) then change my selection in the parent field list so that the child field disappears, upon submitting the ticket, the child field and its associated tag are still attached to the ticket. 

    This is a serious flaw unless there is something I'm not understanding. Hope someone can help explain the proper procedure for removing selected child options from a ticket. Thanks

  • Kaela

    Can I set up field conditionality via the API in a script or does this need to be done in the UI? I don't see API docs on conditional fields but I may be looking in the wrong place?

  • Anais

    Hi, I noticed that in the request page (request's recap), all the fields are displayed including conditional fields that shouldn't be displayed. It would be better to show only the fields that are relevant that correspond to the conditions set.

    Is there any workaround for this ?

    I could at least hide the empty fields in the template request_page.hbs by putting the condition {{#isnt value '—'}} in the loop {{#each custom_fields}}, if this could help someone. 


  • Kamolchanok Jittrepit

    Are there any way to clear conditional fields that had been selected?
    Now, my team has 2 choices: using macro to clear dropdown fields or using trigger to clear them.
    But both of them are not easy to do ( To tell agent to use macros) and maintain system (to train admin to config it).

    I have to clear conditional fields because it affect the report.

  • Oliver Tietze

    I found out that changing a field's dropdown option (value, i. e. tag) is not possible as long as any form uses the field. How are the conditions stored internally, with the option's tag or with the option's internal ID?

    Unfortunately we have to change a field that is frequently used in conditions and I see no other way than to delete all these conditions, then change the field, and then setup all conditions from scratch.

    Even more unfortunately, the error message (field is used in a form condition) even does not show in WHICH form or condition the field is used. Happy hunting.

    Why, just why. Together with the value, also the ID is changed. All triggers formerly using this ID now not only remain without function, they even don't show which option they used before the change. Keeping the ID would be very very smart here.... 

    Is there any workaround for this task?


  • April Uran

    I am trying to add conditional fields to my default ticket type for end users. I do not see all of my fields. They are all marked as editable by end users. Any idea why I don't have them to choose? I have cleared my cache and relaunched my browser. I even tried in a different browse. 

  • Peter Rittau

    I would like to create a similar form like this.

    Creating the fields and the conditions is no problem, but what I don't know is how the text is then displayed (green), depending on the pre-selected fields (red).

  • Ricardo Arango

    Is it possible to hide fields when another fields does not have a value set?

    Field A is a dropdown. By default it does not have a value set. As it is not set, I want to hide other fields that depend on a value being set. I only want to display this field, if that first field has a value set.

    Is that possible with this tool? If not, is there another tool that would allow this?

  • Nhan Diep

    Hi everyone, 

    I was trying to add conditional ticket fields to a ticket form by following the instruction below but I was stuck in step #2. I don't see any menu icon to enter the "Conditions" part mentioned in the instruction. Don't know why. Anyone can help please? Is there any app or add-on needed installing to be able to add conditional ticket fields?

    Note: I'm using Support Suite - Professional. There's only 1 ticket form existing in our system. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Nhan,

    Just to confirm, have you already created these conditional fields before navigating to the Ticket Forms page? Are you on Suite Professional or just Support Professional? 

    Definitely odd if that's not showing up correctly if you're on the correct plan level.

    Let me know!

  • Oliver Tietze

    Ricardo Arango this seems not possible, and Zendesk changed (in 2020 or so) the behaviour of this default. Before, the field would have been hidden until a condition is met. Not, the field is shown until a condition hides it.

    This is frustrating, it had been addressed to Zendesk, but I don't expect any product change within the next 8 years, unfortunately.

    A workaround to this

    Use another field that is always there to hide the concerned field, and with the existing conditions it would be shown again. Important: if the condition is for a dropdown field and you add another option to this ticket field, don't forget to include this new option in the conditions, or your field would be hidden for the new option when it's selected.

    Let me know if this solves your problem or if you solved it another way already!


  • Melody Quinn


    I read about Cloudset's application that allows us to display particular drop-down options in a ticket field when a condition is met rather than just the ticket field itself. 2 years ago, Justin Federico mention it in his comment and Brett Bowser at the time replied this functionality was not on the roadmap, and that we would need to use Cloudset to accomplish this. 

    I wanted to check in and see if Zendesk has built this functionality in the past 2 years or if we are still forced to use a 3rd party app. We were hoping to accomplish this without an additional subscription fee from an app. We are currently on Enterprise. 

    Does anyone have ideas that are cost-free?

    Thank you!

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Melody,

    We understand your need for this functionality, so I am marking your comment as Product Feedback. Moreover, I suggest that you create feedback on our Feedback on Support page regarding conditional fields. Threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning. Specific examples, details about impact, and how you currently handle things are the most helpful things to share to help our product teams understand the full scope of the need when working on solutions.

    We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the product feedback topics in the community help influence future Zendesk functionality.



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