Announcing Built-in Conditional Ticket Fields

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  • DJ Jimenez

    A major pain point between the app and the built-in conditional fields is the removal of "mandatory on update" / "required on submit" feature. Having "required on solve" is sometimes not enough for a ticket workflow. Is there an estimate of when will it be added back in?

  • Ed Ball

    Adding this to a lot of ticket forms for various brands can be quite tedious. And since we are coming from many forms already setup it can be hard to wrap around how it works and getting it setup.

    So what would we like?

    • We would really like a new ticket field type like 'Informational' or something like that. This is pretty much just a description box that shows to the user. This can be used if they choose a certain item or field value. For instance something like a customer chooses Windows XP, and we can display the information field saying Windows XP is not supported or whatever we want.
    • The ability to set more than one "if value is" statement in a condition. For instance, if someone chooses Windows XP, or Windows XP 64 bit then show field X.
    • The ability to do 'hide these fields' if a certain value is shown. A customer chooses a billing issue, and we have 6 types of issues. They choose an issue but it's not something they have actually purchased yet. It's something they cannot purchase then we can hide certain fields such as order ID since they wont have one.

    We could use the 'show these fields', but then it would take a lot more conditions than just hiding one field since you can't choose multiple if value is statements.

  • Eleanor Stribling

    DJ, thanks for the comment!  We are going to add that "require on update" functionality soon; I'll update here when we do.


    Ed, thanks for your input - we're focused on the rollout now but we're going to plan out next phases shortly after that's done and will consider that feedback.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Points from me:


    - We´ve updates to Tickets fields, if we delete something and a condition is binded, I would see a popup do delete this condition or remove all condition linked to this update, to not manually need search all forms and go through that.

    - Description, yes yes yes, please!! You can do it already with the "i" icon for Follower:

    Please put same code for us for Custom Fields, to help Agents in explanation!


    - We also need Condition in Condition Value

    If Issue is "Bug" -> then Display field "Bug 2" and make this required if .. 

    So please a bit more complexity to fulfill workflows.

    - Option to create one condition and roll out to different forms, instead configure form by form, if we add a new field, which is on many forms.


    Thanks for this, please up-vote if you see it similar!





  • William Grote

    Adding a way to have a group of conditional forms, based on a single drop down value, would simplify the conditional field process as well.  So rather than a single form with a large amount of conditional logic to hide irrelevant data, you could use simpler -SHORTER forms based on a top level conditional drop-down choice.


    Especially useful if you have multiple products under one brand


    So the Submit a Ticket URL takes you to a drop down, you pick a value, and then all the specific forms for that value are available in another drop down

  • Eleanor Stribling

    Thanks for your comments Tobias and William!  I'll add your suggestions to our list of potential post-GA enhancements.

  • Christer Bangen


    will the system fields be supported by condtional fields in the future?

  • Céline Lecoq

    Nicely done. This integrated feature is so much user-friendlier than the app -whith was already very good and so useful. 

    By the way, when migrating from the app to the integrated feature, fields that are visible only to agents, block the migration. We had to remove them from any condition in order to be able to migrate. We had only one blocking condition, so we managed to migrate easily.

    Thank you for this integration.


  • William Grote

    Is there a suggested way to set up and plan new conditionals (Control Field, Field to Show, Values)  similar to the spreadsheet that you use for the older application?

  • Raymond Brookes

    The 'required' validation on conditional fields seem to be ignored when agents add tickets? Does anyone else have this problem?



  • Ed Ball


    It seems that conditional fields do not support read only ticket fields. Is this correct and why? I have a text field i want to show is something particular is chosen in another field and this will not let me do it.

    It's just a field, why is this not able to be shown?

  • DJ Jimenez

    Hi Eleanor - Is there any update of when "required on update" will be re-implemented? We are starting to feel the pain points of incomplete data due to only having "required to solve" as an option.

    We may need to revert back to the app (we still have it disabled) and abandon the built-in version for the time being.

  • Rory O'Connor

    Echoing DJ's comment, is there a timeline for the "required on update" functionality? We are looking to make the switch to this new feature and this is causing some apprehension. 

    Alternatively, is this a feasible workaround? A trigger runs on a case update and checks the field. If the field is empty, the ticket is re-opened with an internal note?

  • Denielle Barcelona


    I'm planning on turning on SSO for our customers so they can sign in to Zendesk and see their tickets. However, I see that some of the fields that are dependent on conditional fields are already showing up in the detail of their ticket. Please see example below:


    In this example, only Nanodegree Program and Reason for Contact should be required, and any fields after that should only show up based on our conditions. Did I set something up incorrectly? This is behaving as expected in our regular ticket form and Web Widget. 

  • Paul Ambro

    I have yet to see this feature available in my instance. Is there something I need to do to get it to show up?


  • Zac

    I would like to join in that Required on Update is very important for our team as well

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    @Denielle, I confirm the same behavior on my account. That is, Conditional Ticket Fields do not enforce conditional visibility on the end user requests (/hc/es/requests/...) page.

    A quick workaround would be hiding them by editing the code/template. Nonetheless, I've taken the liberty of creating a feature request for this at


    @Zac (and others), regarding the required on update feature, depending on how complex your requirement is, this workaround might be useful (if something isn't clear, please reply in that thread).

    It's not ideal, understandably... but the same objective can be achieved: unless the specific field value is present, the ticket can never be set to Solved.


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