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  • Benjamin Miller
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    Thanks Yunen.

    What was the logic behind that? It seems like you're trying to bring chat more into the "Zendesk Family", yet you separate it from Zendesk making the workflow between chat and tickets more difficult (To open the ticket from chat, I have to open a new tab, which ends up opening Zendesk twice, which is unnecessary and bogs me down).

    Seems like a step backwards when you're trying to integrate more. Are there bigger plans that we haven't seen yet to integrate the two that are in the works?

  • Yunen Yeo
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    Hi Benjamin,

    This is the first step in trying to improve how Chat will work in Support. We hope to have have a lightweight chatting interface in the Support product to make it easy for dual channels agents, and all other chat functionalities and settings will have to be done in the separate tab. This will declutter the Support product, and make both products more scalable going forward.

    I agree that there are some quirks that we still need to fix like the new tabs and duplicate notifications, and the team is looking into this, but these issues are not easy to fix, and do be patient with us for the time being.

    If you have any workflow issues that you think will make it better to have certain Chat functionalities within Support, feel free to address it here, so that we can understand it further as we build out the next version of Chat - Support integration.

  • Anastasiy
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    Still no tablet support? What stops you

    I did try your new mobile app (thanks for invitation) but it's iPhone-only.

    Have a look at the attached image. It's a screenshot of how your website looks like on the tablet in comparison to the desktop. The resolution is better on the tablet but there's no way to answer because forms are all squeezed. The "Request desktop site" button doesn't work - it looks the same.

    What prevents you from making your mobile site to work on tablet? Your mobile application on tablet is useless (the forms are too small and functionality is very limited) and the new Zendesk mobile beta is only for the phone. Look at the reviews on the App Store, I'm not alone!

    It's just a matter of allowing your website to display the same content as on Desktop.

    Thank you!

  • Scott Kinnear
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    It is so confusing to get support, from my support site vendor (aka Zendesk). Instead of having a single place to ask questions and get answers, now I have to determine what piece of functionality correlates to a specific "product", find the right support site for that "product" and submit my request. If I want to look at my requests, I have to navigate to various places. In fact, sometimes, the support team indicates that the piece of functionality I am talking about actually belongs to a different team. It seems like you pushed a ton of complexity on your clients to help solve some internal issues. Or perhaps the marketing team made this decision instead of the UX or CS team. I am confused why you did this. I used to love and promote ZD. :(

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Scott - First off, I see that this is your first post, so welcome to the Zendesk Community.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We understand your concerns and will relay this feedback to the appropriate individuals internally. 


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