Release Notes thru 2016-08-12

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  • Jake Spirek

    It seems like you guys made adjustments to the UI in the past day or so. Couldn't find that in your release notes. Notably, the size of the ticket fields. More scrolling for those who have lots of custom fields like us.

    I'm all for whitespace and such, but at the end of the day sometimes you need to sacrifice a little beauty for a little practicality. 

    Maybe you guys could give users a view option for a "compact" view that cuts out a lot of the wasted space, but you could still default to the pretty, spacious version.

  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Jake

    Regarding the recent UI adjustments, see this article:
    Minor Update to Ticket Properties

  • Jake Spirek

    Thanks. I guess I need to post the feature request over in the community.


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