Why can my customers still chat after all agents have gone offline?

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  • Yahor Darashkevich
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    @Greg is there a way to do the same regardless of account status? Meaning that once an agent ends the chat, it is automatically ended for the customer, even if there are online agents?

  • Greg
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    Hi Yahor!

    Our API does not provide a callback for that type of event, so this wouldn't be possible. You can see the available callbacks in this article to see if any of those would work for your needs.!

  • Krzysztof Klimek
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    thanks Greg, we are extremely busy with the new live chat and my team was wondering why does it still ring when all the agents are invisible,

    I will try to apply your solution with a scripit on SAndbox account.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Krzysztof,

    Newly created chats will notify the agent with the ring notification unless you apply the code provided by Greg above to hide the widget as soon as all agents go invisible.

    If Chat requests are still coming in when all agents are invisible, most likely the user chatting in visited your website where the widget is hosted prior to agents going invisible.

    Let me know if the above doesn't make sense!


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