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  • Matt Savage
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    Is there a way to make dashboards visible to all agents without sending email to all of them?  I'd like to make data available to groups of users without spamming them every time I create something.  Attempting to make a dashboard available to a large group yielded a bunch of confused responses (what is this?  I can't access it) for me since there's no method of sharing that won't trigger emails.

    Also, a related improvement: the emails can be sent to agents who don't have Explore enabled, which only further confuses them.  I'd suggest a few solutions:

    1. Allow a (default) sharing option: Don't email invites - agents who are actively using Explore can already view dashboards & don't need email invites at all
    2. Omit email recipients who don't have Explore enabled from receiving an invite to a dashboard they can't access
    3. Allow the sharing creator to toggle Explore permissions for affected users (admin only)
  • Delores Cooper
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    Hi Matt! Currently there is not a way to make dashboards visible to all agents without sending email to all of them. Our product team is aware that this is a requested feature. Thank you for your additional suggestions; I'll be sure to mark this as Product Feedback.

  • Matthew Dealy
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    Something that would be very nice to have is the ability to edit schedules after creating them. Right now you have to delete it and make a new one to just change one word in the email that is automatically sent out which then sends the email out to everyone again. 

    I also heavily concur with what Matt Savage said above. All of those features would be welcomed with open arms :)


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