Comparing Explore with Insights

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  • Celia Johnson

    There looks to be quite a few errors in what's listed here. For starters, the line for "Ability to schedule dashboards for delivery" is blank for Insights, when its the only one that lets you schedule dashboards for delivery to anyone you want. 


    "Adjust Chart Opacity"  is also incorrect, this is absolutely a feature of Insights.  

    "Visual chart builder" 


    "Predictive & What If analysis" 

    Insights has Predictive analysis: 

    "Axis configuration options"

    Insights also has this. 

    And that's just stuff I knew off the top of my head. 

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Celia, thanks for this great feedback. I'll get this article reviewed soon and make any necessary updates.

  • Celia Johnson

    It's been five months and most of those inaccuracies are still up, only now there's been more added. How am I supposed to trust your product when you won't even correct the information out about it?

    By the way, the language Insights uses is MAQL, not MQL, and just because you haven't named your custom SQL language, doesn't make it really any different. You both use custom SQL languages.

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Celia, firstly, thanks for spotting the error about MAQL which I've now corrected!

    We did make a number of changes to this article to consolidate and remove a number items following feedback.

    I believe we addressed your points except for this one:

    The Insights Prediction tab is based on satisfaction prediction while the Explore reference in the table is for "What if" and forecasting type scenarios. I agree that's unclear in the table and I'll fix that soon.

    We very much appreciate your feedback. I'd love to open a ticket on your behalf if you'd like us to address any more items.

    Once again, thanks!


  • Celia Johnson

    Article states there's no "Intelligent Visual Selector" in Insights;

    Article states "Time travel filter to allow viewers to change dates"

    I do this all the time in Insights;


    Article states "Top/bottom filter to limit results to highest or lowest values" is No for Insights;
    It's called "Ranking Filter" and I use it all the time.  You can use the numeric filter right below to even specify a range.


    I see opacity was bundled with a few things, but again, Insights does all those things too. My opacity example is already in my first comment.

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Celia, thanks again for your feedback. Here are the changes I’ve made in response:

    I’ve left “Requires MAQL” in. It’s an important point of distinction to folk who might be using Insights now and are familiar with using MAQL It’s a good thing to tell those people that they will be using something different to write their formulas.

    I’ve made the verbiage clearer around “Intelligent visualization selector” - This is to highlight that Explore automatically chooses the best visualization for a query.

    The time travel filter on dashboards is somewhat more advanced than the Insights filter, in that it you can customize the way it looks, feels, and its options.

    I’ve left this in with slightly clearer wording.

    You’re correct about the top/bottom filter. It does indeed exist in Insights and thanks for pointing that out. I’ve removed that entry.

    The “Predictive and What-if” analysis means something different than Insights predictions. I’ve made the verbiage clearer here.

    Advanced widget customizations (including opacity). This specifically refers to Explore dashboard widgets rather than single charts. However, as it’s clearly confusing, I’ve removed the examples. The article link contains a full list of everything you can customize.

    Finally, I’ve swept the rest of the article for errors and inconsistencies. I’ve made a few updates to improve the wording and clarity. I hope this helps.

    Again, your feedback is very much appreciated.


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