Setting editor and admin permissions

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  • affandy Rahim
    Just ok
  • Alfredo Navarro


    For me this does not work. I can see that an Editor by default has no permissions to none of the datasets, which is Ok, but in fact when I login with that test user, I can pretty much do everything, even edit the out of the box queries (in addition to see them). What is wrong here? I have also tried to just grant access to one dataset, still that user can see all. This is the setup for the user:

    Is there some kind of bug or do I miss something?


  • Gentry Geissler

    Hi Alfredo,

    It looks like your issue is something we would want to pull into a ticket so we can get a little more information and assumption access to take a look. 

    Keep an eye on your email and we'll contact you with a ticket ID!

    Have a good one

  • Khadeeja Ibrahim

    I am the owner of the databases, but I can't see anything under "applied" in the time filter. When I go to the editor authorization and select my name, the drop down looks different than everyone else's -- no databases are appearing. 

  • Hannah Meier

    Hello Khadeeja,

    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean when you say that your cannot see anything under "applied" in the time filter. Can I get some more information on what you're expecting to see and what page in Explore you're seeing this problem on?

    As for the editor authorizations, that's expected. You always get full access to all the datasets that you create, and this access cannot be taken away. If you were the only one in your account to create any datasets, you would automatically have full access to all datasets so there is nothing to display here, because you cannot get any more or less access to any datasets in your account.


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