Creating agents and departments in Chat

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  • Mirjam Happel


    I accidentally added the wrong person as an agent to chat. I know I can deactivate him, but I want to delete it from the list. However what you describe above, is not possible for me. How can I delete this agent?


  • Justin Smith
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Mirjam!

    Thanks for your question!  If you're not seeing the option to delete the users in the account then your account is likely integrated with a Support account and is not a stand-alone chat instance.  In that case the user accounts are linked to the Support instance so to delete a user entirely you would need to do so from inside the Support instance.  There isn't a way at this time to just delete their record in Chat once it's been created.

    I hope that helps!  :)

  • Alexandra Fieber-Mitra

    I have Professional level but I am not seeing the Department option under settings. Am I missing something? or are Departments not available at Professional level? If so, please clarify on the documentation.


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