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  • Jonathan Vorasane

    Is there a way to pull the analytics for the top tags over a period of time versus just the last 7 days for top tags?

  • Christopher S

    I second Jonathan's question!


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Jonathan and Christopher,

    Currently, there is no native analytics for tags inside the Chat dashboard. If you are using Chat with Support and you are using automatic ticket creation, you can use Insights to build a report against the tags (that also gets sent to the ticket).

    Unfortunately, there are no plans in the 2018 roadmap to offer tag reporting within the standalone Chat experience.



  • Miki


    I was wondering is there a way to search chat history only by specific set of tags. I am not asking about typing various tags in search and result that is showing all chats containing at least one of those tags. 

    For example I want to search chat by brand, platform and a department tag. 

    samsung, iOS, tech_support

    I will get the results even for Android tag because it has Samsung as brand tag too. 

    Is there a way around this? Thank you.


  • Jon Daniels

    Hello Miki! We discussed this in the request you submitted, but I'm posting this solution here, in case it helps future people who are trying the same thing!
    If you search for those three tags, then export the chats with those 3 tags, you can filter in Excel to see only those chats with all 3 tags:

    I hope this workaround helps!

  • Miki

    Hi, good idea! 

    Thanks for the help. 


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