How do I open tickets from Explore reports?

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  • Kelly Johnson

    I followed these directions but when I click on my Ticket ID it takes me to an about blank page:  Can you confirm that my formula is correct?



  • Ricardo

    Hello, Kelly!

    I have put your issue into a ticket and I have sent you an email so we can troubleshoot that further.

    Please check your inbox :).

  • Kelly Johnson

    I don't recall seeing this in my inbox.  Is this on the radar to be fixed?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Kelly,

    I was able to track down your ticket and it does look like this is being investigated by our developers. I don't have an exact ETA of when this fix will be implemented but you will certainly receive an email notification once they have additional information to provide :)


  • Chris Lavery

    @kelly Johnson your url is malformed, you've somehow placed [TICKET ID ] in the middle of the url. you should be using:




  • Kelly Johnson

    @Chris Lavery - thank you, i did catch my error and fixed my URL.

  • Pierre Sanchez

    Hi everybody,

    I'd like to set this up at a drillthrough level. For example, I have a line chart showing the evolution of my 1st reply time, by day. I understand drillthough allows me to see the ticket IDs for that day, but I can't find a way to apply the clickable link at a drillthtough level (like Zendesk Insight did). 

    Is this possible to use this method like this ?

  • Will Chau

    +1 to @Pierre's inquiry as well. Definitely would love this at a drilldown level rather than have a clickable link from the beginning!

  • Kyle Jones

    Hey there Pierre,


    I tried to explore a few other avenues to see if this would be possible, but those means wound up fruitless. Sadly, the only way to do this currently would be using the clickable links method indicated at the bottom of this article, as this is a system limitation from my understanding.

    This is great product feedback however!

  • Nicolas Gorga

    Hello, is anybody getting this error message? I used the correct formula, but since "Ticket ID" is in it i´m quite confused.

  • Pete Holborow

    Although this method works fine for me I don't understand why this isn't default behaviour, as it is in Insights?

  • James Sanford

    Hey Nicolas!

    Apologies you're seeing an error message when attempting this.

    I've gone ahead and created Ticket #4667098 so we can troubleshoot this issue with you.

    Please keep an eye out in your email so we can investigate - thanks!


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