Hiding credit card numbers in chats and chat history

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  • Nik Navarra

    Will this feature work instantly once turned on? Just tried it myself and it didnt work. 

    Also, whats the rule for this to come in to effect? Does the term 'credit card' need to be in the sentence? Also, will it block it if a client just types 16 digits in a row?

    I'm hoping this doesn't conflict with other 16 digit reference codes we use in our business, hoping to get a greater understanding of the rules and how it works. 

  • Lance Le Roux

    Hi there, I've tested the feature and it works. My only request would be if there could be a delay before masking the number..... our agents need to capture the full number into our system. The current process is as soon as the message is sent the number is redacted, it would be great if the dealy was until agent responds then redacted the number.

  • Kai Zhou


    Thank you for your questions and feedback! 


    The feature should work once turned on, it automatically detects credit card number in the chat based on the Luhn algorithm. This algorithm looks at numbers between the range of 12 to 19 digits, and if they appear to be valid credit card numbers they are redacted leaving the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits intact.


    Currently we do not support delay in redaction due to security concern. However, I would strongly encourage you to post this on the product feedback forum, we will certainly look into it in the future! 


    Thanks again!



  • Meghan Howard

    It sounds like Lance is looking for the same thing I am, a secure way to accept credit card numbers thru the ZenDesk Chat platform. I am not finding a PCI compliant solution. 

  • Krzysztof Klimek

    this is not really helpfull, OK is hiding the numbers of card for customer/end user but it also hiding the numbers for agent in Zendesk.

    is there an option for the agent to see the numbers?

  • Meghan Howard

    Krzysztof, the issue is that the transmission of the numbers is not PCI compliant; 

    I'm hoping ZD will soon adopt secure transmission of this sensitive data. We came from SnapEngage and really miss this feature; it was nearly a deal breaker. If SnapEngage can do it, I'm confident ZD can and will:


  • Krzysztof Klimek

    Hi Meg

    Thanks for explanation, this is exactly what we need.

    We will be waiting then.

    thank you


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