Editing your personal settings in Zendesk Chat Standalone accounts

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  • Jennifer
    Hi! I don't have speakers on my computer. The visual notification that pops up disappears quite quickly and so when I'm not at my desk and come back I can miss some chat requests. I would prefer for the pop up visual notification be active until the chat request has been addressed. It would be PERFECT then :) Thanks!
  • Jacob Johst Christensen
    Community Moderator
    Hi Jennifer, The default timeout for desktop notifications is 5 sec, too short for my liking, you can change it from the Personal > Labs tab on the Dashboard. https://dashboard.zopim.com/#personal/labs Hope that helps.
  • Jess Hartley

    Can an admin change the notification sounds for all chat users instead of having them do each user individually?

    I actually don't want agents using the settings dashboard or adjusting their chat settings at all and would prefer to be able to make changes globally. Is this possible? The only way I've found I can do this is assuming the user's identity through the old Zendesk and manually changing the settings for each user.

  • Rajat Garg
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jess,

    Currently it is not possible for admins to change sounds notification for other agents or lock down settings for the agents. 

    These changes are not in our 6-9 months roadmap, however we are working on roles and permissions feature that will allow admins to lock down other settings such as shortcuts for the agents. This update won't include ability to lock down sounds notification though. Roles and permissions will be available to customers on Premium plan and we will make an announcement when the feature is ready.



  • Lauren Williams

    Hi, I don't see the default timeout for desktop notifications in my labs - is there a reason why?



  • Dawn Anderson


    Is it possible to find out what an agent has set their tagline too?

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Dawn,

    Unfortunately that information is not visible on other user's profiles. However I think that is great product feedback. I would be glad to flag this conversation for review from an internal team, and would encourage you to post your feedback here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360001141174--Feedback-on-Chat

    Posting there allows other users the chance to upvote your suggestion and add onto it. The more popular these posts become in the Community the more likely it is to get the attention of our product team. 

    Please reach out if we can provide further assistance.


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