Adding fixed calculated metrics

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  • Philippe Perreault-Gendron
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    I do not have the "# Tickets" metric available in the "Will always return the value of this metric" dropdown in "Fixed Calculated Metric"...!

    Was it a custom metric you created prior to this guide? If so, what are this metric's parameters?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rob Stack
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    Hi Philippe, thanks for pointing this out. You are correct that this metric is not available with a simple fixed metric. I've therefore added a new procedure for how to do this with an advanced fixed metric. Additionally, I've made further updates to the article for the latest Explore attribute names. I hope this helps and thank you again!

  • Devan
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    On Wednesday, April 8, from 8:00am-10:00pm CDT, we'll have a special guest team of experts on hand to answer your questions about Explore: Reporting & Insights Migration in your Zendesk Explore instance for an AMA-style conversation!

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  • Duggan Everage
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    Hi Rob,

    In the directions above, does the year of data that is shown comprise all of the existing data? Is it possible to show a fixed metric based on a longer time period (say 3 years' worth of data), but only show the last 12 individual months as above?



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