Scheduling dashboard deliveries

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  • Braiden Woodward

    Is there any way to share these via email to external email addresses like you can on Good Data? 

  • Lauren Collins

    Is there a way to email to individual users without sharing with the entire group? We have created dashboards for our agents that we want to email out to them every night and the only way it seems to do this right now is to create a group for every single person. We have over 40 people on our team and this feels very manual. Will this ever change?

  • Reshma Patel

    Agreed.  We would need the ability to send dashboards or reports to people or distribution lists outside of Zendesk.  

  • Christian Costello

    Also agree.  This is an import feature, email dashboards to external users, with our adoption of Explore.  Please add.

  • Judd Higgins

    I absolutely need the PDF delivery to default to a time filter (ie Last Week) and there is no current way to set the Default Date of the Dashboard, unless you do the workaround mentioned here; and hide the Bookmarks widget which is counterintuitive and ruins the feature of having a Bookmark Widget to begin with.

    Can you please help us set a Default date when delivering the dashboard via email?

  • Katie Saddlemire

    I would like to add to the list of people who say that we need the ability to email dashboards to non ZD users. That limitation is silly and impractical for any business. 

  • Keela

    Agreed to the above. I was wondering if I may have been overlooking something.

  • Andrew Gordner

    Hi Gentry,

    The ability to schedule dashboard exports to individual Zendesk Support agents (as opposed to Groups) would be extremely helpful for us. Is this something that is being worked on or can a ticket be raised to potentially support this functionality in the future?


  • Sarah

    When I first set up scheduled dashboard exports they sent a link to the dashboard in the email.  Now it is sending an image attachment instead and I don't see the option to send the link.  How can I change back to sending the link? 

  • Mikko Karkkainen

    It is ridiculous to offer different scheduled report file types at all if they are anyway zipped on delivery. All I want is a clean .csv I can push to automated workflow. There is zero value add in dashboard zipping anyway, kindly remove it and only bring back once it can be selected as an option.

  • Eckhard Doll

    The whole export feature is very incomplete at this point. Excel delivery in a zip only, no export of the complete dashboard but individual tabs only. No option to name the exported PDF prior to the export. Images inserted on tabs are ignored, custom dashboard widths have to be re-entered on every export, etc.

    I started to like the Explore features but going beyond the Zendesk realm seems to be no priority at all.

  • Matt McCluskey

    Thanks ZD Team.  :)

    I think the issue I was also having was my CS team in Support (Admin > People > Agents Explore Settings) was set up as "Viewer" status, and not "Editor".

    This was not clear to me at first, but I think I got that now.

    I didn't see this in any documentation about setting this up on the Support side.  Maybe I missed it.

    Thank you for the help. : )

  • Steve Rankin

    If the dashboard is emailed out, and a recipient clicks "unsubscribe", but then changes their mind - how do you revert the unsubscribe?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Matt, I believe what you need to do is to check the Dataset authorizations page. Make sure you have permissions to the dataset that makes up the dashboard you are trying to share.

    For more detail, see

    Note: I don't think the current docs describe this clearly enough. I'll try to get them updated soon.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi, I wanted to update everyone on this topic who's asked about sharing dashboards to people who don't have access to a Zendesk account. We will shortly be introducing an Early Access Program (EAP) that will enable you to do this. For more information, see 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Virginia -

    That is not expected behavior; your PDF should include all of the tabs. Are you still seeing this issue? If so, it sounds like we should create a ticket for you as this may be a bug.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We keep getting failures when trying to email a dashboard:

    Your dashboard delivery has failed for the following tag "SLA Test Dashboard on Explore" and reasons: Your queries took longer than 10 minutes to execute. You can retry by clicking here.

    We've tried cloning the dashboard, taking out tabs, slimming down the date range, but it still times out. Any ideas?

  • Virginia Goggins

    We have reports with multiple tabs that we want to email each day as a pdf.  The problem is that the pdf only shows information from one of the tabs.  Is there a way to show all of the pages on the pdf or do I need to create separate reports and email each of them, which is not a good option.  I could do this in GoodData.

  • David Judenne

    So you are on the right page base on your second picture :)

    Base on this topic, schedule is not available on all license, but from Professional like you can see on top of this topic, can you confirm what is your actual zendesk license ? If match the schedule option ?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Same questions as Lauren and Thomas.

    I need to create an admin-level dashboard to monitor specific things (all sorts of % tickets with high-level ticket fields, and other stuff) that I'd like to receive daily, without bothering anyone else. GoodData enables this but I'd like to move to Explore.

    Having to create a Group in Support just so that I can do this seems a bit too much (I'd like to avoid "polluting" the entire account with reporting Groups).

  • Steve Rankin

    I put a ticket into Zendesk Explore Support and they were able to resolve the unsubscribed agents. They also let me know that currently there is no self-management for this, and that a ticket is required to have people removed from the unsubscribe list.

  • Jeff Northrup

    Steve Rankin, any luck with the unsubscribed agents?  I also am having this issue and created a support ticket.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello David Edwards,

    Currently, this feature request is in open EAP for Explore. I've shared a link below that goes into details on the features and how to signup for the EAP. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with and if you choose to participate in the EAP, thanks for helping us make Explore better!

    Announcing sharing of Explore dashboards outside of Zendesk EAP

    Best regards.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi everyone. I have followed up about this and here's the conclusion of the ticket:

    "This update was recently released to allow for future functionality of scheduling dashboard deliveries for end users. Since end users will not have access to view the dashboard within Explore, the reference to view the dashboard and link was removed. 

    If you'd still like to include the dashboard link for scheduled deliveries to agents, you can manually copy and paste the dashboard link in the message box"

    I understand that isn't ideal for everyone and do encourage you to give feedback in our forum -

    As the link to the dashboard is long, you could consider using a link shortening service like Bitly to help. I've updated this article to show the new behavior.

  • Andy Killingsworth


    According to my tests, that's correct. While users with Explore access will be able to view the dashboard and select visible bookmarks, those bookmarks aren't applied to the attachments. 

  • David Judenne

    Look Like Mathias want than Zendesk team create a personal report for him as he don't know how to do it. Rob it's something Zendesk can do ?

    Mathias, from my side I have to learn myself as was like you, don't know how use Zendesk 5 month ago and report is powerfull with a lot of option but not easy on begining if you want do something different from the default one.

    Do you check the defaut report available ? Maybe good enough for what yo want ? Define a schedule for send daily is very easy, you can setup that fast, make personnal report you need to invest time if you want something special. No easy to find help, I miss some kind of forum where we can ask question when need help on Zendesk because the way to ask a question on each topic is not really good for me. But still you can ask here and see if people can help.

  • Joe Maloney

    Is there a ticket to follow up on the scheduled emails issue with the missing "View Dashboard" button? I've added a link to our message, but it's a long link!

  • David Judenne



    I don't see any reply from message of Judd Higgins 2 year ago and I have same request, how can I setup the report are include for example last week data only, as by default send last 30 days but I need to receive some weekly report or monthly. Any option without extra tools ?


    Thank you :)

  • Armon


    I would like to see a better feedback or update on this issue answered by Devan - Community Manager 8 months ago"

    "Hello Paulina Jankowiak,

    You would have to create an individual dashboard for each agent. I know this can be cumbersome, so I would recommend posting your feedback and experience with Explore in our product feedback forum. That way, our developers can consider making this update for future patch releases. "

    I have the same issue as Paulina Jankowiak.  Though her issue is having to create different dashboards for different agents.  Mine is on a bigger scale as we have to send Weekly and Monthly dashboards to multiple clients.

    If you mentioned you are going to replace an old tool, ensure the one you will be using is a better one.  How can creating multiple dashboards for multiple people be a better solution?  Not to mention you are charging us for your assistance to migrate to Zendesk Explore.

    February 2021 is just around the corner and this issue is not yet addressed as well as sending a dashboard to non zendesk users.

    What do you supposed we should do?  Manually send all Custom individual client dashboards to all clients not using zendesk?  Or sell Zendesk to them as well?


    Seriously FIX THESE





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