Scheduling dashboard deliveries

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  • Armon


    I would like to see a better feedback or update on this issue answered by Devan - Community Manager 8 months ago"

    "Hello Paulina Jankowiak,

    You would have to create an individual dashboard for each agent. I know this can be cumbersome, so I would recommend posting your feedback and experience with Explore in our product feedback forum. That way, our developers can consider making this update for future patch releases. "

    I have the same issue as Paulina Jankowiak.  Though her issue is having to create different dashboards for different agents.  Mine is on a bigger scale as we have to send Weekly and Monthly dashboards to multiple clients.

    If you mentioned you are going to replace an old tool, ensure the one you will be using is a better one.  How can creating multiple dashboards for multiple people be a better solution?  Not to mention you are charging us for your assistance to migrate to Zendesk Explore.

    February 2021 is just around the corner and this issue is not yet addressed as well as sending a dashboard to non zendesk users.

    What do you supposed we should do?  Manually send all Custom individual client dashboards to all clients not using zendesk?  Or sell Zendesk to them as well?


    Seriously FIX THESE




  • David Judenne



    I don't see any reply from message of Judd Higgins 2 year ago and I have same request, how can I setup the report are include for example last week data only, as by default send last 30 days but I need to receive some weekly report or monthly. Any option without extra tools ?


    Thank you :)

  • David Stalker

    Are there other {{brackets}} variables that can be added to subject line or message when scheduling sending dashboards? The only one I know of is the default {{dashboard_title}} but I'd like to be able to add day, date, or others if they're available.


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