Analyzing Message activity

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  • Antti Rajakangas

    Is there a way of separating productivity per agent on Message? Is there a timeline of when we will be able to create Zendesk tickets for the solved Messages.



  • Betiana

    I want to know if you plan to allow for Message to create tickets same than Support and Chat. 

    We really need that for our work, we need to assign several tags to each conversation in order to analyze the service we are offering (Chat and Support gives us that). At the same time we want to offer the possibility of having a fluent conversation on real time but Message isn't a solution in the way it's working now.

    I really appreciate if you have any comments.



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Betiana,

    I reached out to the appropriate team and it looks like there's nothing on the roadmap currently. However, they are looking into ways of making these conversations viewable across Zendesk products. Nothing to share at this time but something our Product Managers are aware of :)



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