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  • Michael Knudsen

    Emails from forms on our websites now get filtered out as spam, after this update. "Spam" reason: "Received from support address".

    How do i stop the spam filter from doing this?

  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Michael, 

    I don't think what you are seeing is due to this change. 

    Zendesk has blocked emails from your support address for as long as I can remember.  If your web forms are emailing from one of the email addresses you've configured in the email screen, they will all be suspended until you can get your web form to send from another email address. 

    This is due to Zendesk's potential to loop on itself with your triggers if the requester is the same as the outbound email address.  As a ticket is received, you may have a trigger that replies, and if Zendesk were to receive that reply the system would keep looping.  In a past job, this was one of the most annoying errors that we ran into, but it makes sense to keep the system operating.  

    Things you can do with your web form: 

    • Adjust the web form to have it send using the Requests API instead of email.  This is preferred as high volume forms can still get suspended if all emails come from the same address (Zendesk suspends tickets at 20 tickets in an hour from the same address). 
    • Adjust the web form to have it use the requester's email address or another email address that is used for sending email into Zendesk (but not used to reply from).

    I'm not sure why this would stop working if it was doing this before, but I would check out changes to your web form and if someone added the senders address on those suspensions as an email address in Zendesk.  Those are likely the places you need to fix for that.

  • Michael Knudsen

    Maybe you're right.

    I just checked and I can see the emails has always been sent from our support domain.
    But it seems like the emails are now sent without customers email address as Reply-to Address which makes the difference.

    Maybe it's changes in our email service provider Mandrill - i will investigate - thanks.


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