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  • Harrison Crerar

    Is there a way to filter out articles from appearing in the recommended articles list?

    We have both internal and external articles in our knowledge base, and we want Content Cues to only provide recommendations to our external articles.

    If we can tell Content Cues to filter it's recommendations by Category/Section or Visibility level then that would be very helpful.

  • Shiyu Zhu

    Currently, Content Cues doesn't support article filtering. Would you be able to elaborate on what you expect to happen when an article is filtered? Would you expect this setting to apply to all your future suggestions or just for the session? Thanks! 

  • Harrison Crerar

    Hi @Shiyu,

    Appreciate the clarification request. The expected behavior would be,

    1. Under Support Topics, selecting an topic
    2. Select"view tickets"
    3. Select "update related articles"
    4. Using a drop down, choose from the hierarchy currently present in that Brand's help center (similar to this filter option under Manage Articles in Guide)

    This would filter the list of related articles to only include articles present in the selected Category or Section. I believe this functionality would work best as a per-session application, allowing filters to be reset the next time you start a Content Cues session.

    For additional context, we house our internal and external (customer-facing) articles in their own Categories. We want to use Content Cues to improve the health of our external articles. Typically, we have relevant external articles that may need improved labels or phrasing related to a support topic that are not being presented.


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