How do I add subsections to a section page? (Guide Enterprise)

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  • Andrew Forsyth

    If you're not going to include a feature in the lower tier plans, you shouldn't refer to that feature in the app. I've wasted 20 minutes trying to add a subsection to a section, just to find that it isn't included in our plan. All because of this text on the "Edit Section" page:

    I had no idea that subsections were a thing before I saw that, and now I know that they're not. But this is time wasting and adds unnecessary mental overhead to your users! I don't want to be asked how subsections should be ordered if they're not available on my plan.


  • Elizabeth Barron

    I completely agree with Andrew - unless this is a feature that is coming to lower tiers, "Order Subsections" shouldn't be included for us.


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