Why are some calls showing as abandoned in voicemail when voicemail is switched off?

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  • Oliver Cyples

    Hey Jessica, 


    Hoping you can help out. When the call goes past the greeting its classed as completed with the VM switched off. So because this isn't classed as abandoned it doesn't create the ticket.


    Is there a way these calls can create a ticket as we want to look at an overall view of how many tickets our Support team are offered in one query?





  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi Oliver Cyples -

    It's not the perfect solution, but have you considered turning voicemail on with a message to the effect of "No one is available at this time - please try your call again later. *BEEP* " - At this point the caller would probably hang up, but Zendesk would most likely create a ticket for the 2 seconds of dead-air it took them to hang up the phone (?)


  • Molekule

    This sounds like either a bug or poor design.  Why not correctly categorize these abandon calls, as "Abandoned in Greeting"?  


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