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  • Travis Tubbs
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    This is exactly the recipe we were needing!

    One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to display the Problem Ticket Subject. While a Problem ID is nice, it doesn't exactly explain what the actual Problem is. :)

    Adding "Ticket Subject" to the Rows only displays the Subject of the Incident tickets.

    Any suggestions or ideas from anyone on how to make this possible?

  • Molly
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    Hiya Travis!

    Glad you like the recipe so far :) I did some testing on this and talked to our team. Unfortunately we weren't able to come up with a good solution for this as any attributes added will automatically reference the metrics, in this case the Incident tickets.

    With that said, our team is going to put this in as a feature request. I can't make any promises, but hopefully we can find a solution for you. We'll post any progress here.

    Keep the questions coming!

  • Theodore Wolf
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    +1 Travis,

    It would be fantastic to see the subject field.


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