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  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator

    Hi Prakruti Hindia

    Pls check the bug from p. 2 and and let me know asap pls. 

  • Jake Edwards

    I couldn't find the right forum for feedback directly, but these are the issues raised by our Agents.


    1. Auto-scroll to end should stop at the top of the last reply, not the end. Replies with large signatures means the useful part of the response requires a scroll up.
    2. The (assign) link is gone from next to user's comments.
    3. Switching between Private and Public replies doesn't preserve content (good for when you want to change after drafting a reply).
    4. Conversation flip from oldest to newest has been the most grating change



  • Chris Fassano

    I miss the assign button as well. It was very useful.

  • Michael Huber

    Hi Zendesk Community,

    I have a few questions regarding the Zendesk Agent Workspace:

    • Is there a possibility to generally exclude Agents or Groups from the Chat or the whole view?
    • In the future we would like to see further information about our customer in Zendesk to get a more customer centric view. Is it possible to customize the User area and fill it with data from our backend?
    • Right now we are using AirCall for in and outbounding calls. Do you knwo if AirCall is also compatible?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards



  • Jamie Buck

    It seems that this has broken the ZatClient.on("*.change") listener.  This event does not fire correctly when the agent workspace is enabled.  As soon as the workspace agent is disabled, the event fires correctly

  • Sarah Thompson
    1. We frequently assign tickets to groups, but it seems that the Agent Workspace has added an extra click for that. Would love to see that back down to one click (i.e. don't make me click into the group before being able to select a group). The previous functionality was great - click to select group, or hover, move right and click to select an individual. Much faster. The new set-up is much less efficient.
    2. Frequently we have chat agents "invisible" with only a few "online", so that they can take overflow chat. There are no sound notifications for incoming chats for invisible agents, meaning they are less likely to see incoming chats. Please add sound notification back in.
    3. Sound notification for agent when a chat is transferred would be very helpful.
    4. Losing text when switching between public/internal is a problem. I upvoted the request to fix it here. Loss of efficiency ass-is.
    5. Opening ticket should bring agent to the TOP of the most recent reply, not the bottom. I upvoted the request for that, too. Loss of efficiency as-is.
  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thank you, Sarah Thompson 
    I forwarded your comments to our Product Management team. 

  • Anton Mintsev (EMEA)

    Just an example of how much more screen space is used for chats in the new agent workspace..Readability is also not great. Do you have plans to optimize UX here? 
    1. Messages from the same user can be blended together
    2. Status updates events can take way smaller space

  • Sylwia Raclawska

    Hi , 

    as Lauren already mentioned above (some months ago): for us there is also one very important thing which is missing in chat: requester's IP address and device/browser details. It is great to still see the visitor path but the device and browser info is often essential for troubleshooting. Changing to dashboard in each chat in ordert to see this information is time consuming and not optimal. 

    It would be great to integrate this information in User details directly in ticket and chat. 

    Are there any plans to show this info? 



  • Giorgos Antonakos

    Hello im having problem with a transaction that i did on MHA i bought a pack with hero coins but didnt get anything on exchange


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