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  • Kevin Ford
    Community Moderator

    We're seeing behavior where the default visibility (internal/public) isn't respected in the Agent workspace. Instead, it seems to match the visibility of the last comment. Is this expected behavior? I understand why this might be useful in a rapid fire chat; however, it's very different behavior than what is set in the defaults (Settings -> Tickets) and what our agents have grown accustomed to over the years.

  • Andrei Kamarouski

    Hi Prakruti Hindia

    Pls check the bug from p. 2 and and let me know asap pls. 

  • Jake Edwards

    I couldn't find the right forum for feedback directly, but these are the issues raised by our Agents.


    1. Auto-scroll to end should stop at the top of the last reply, not the end. Replies with large signatures means the useful part of the response requires a scroll up.
    2. The (assign) link is gone from next to user's comments.
    3. Switching between Private and Public replies doesn't preserve content (good for when you want to change after drafting a reply).
    4. Conversation flip from oldest to newest has been the most grating change



  • Chris Fassano

    I miss the assign button as well. It was very useful.

  • Michael Huber

    Hi Zendesk Community,

    I have a few questions regarding the Zendesk Agent Workspace:

    • Is there a possibility to generally exclude Agents or Groups from the Chat or the whole view?
    • In the future we would like to see further information about our customer in Zendesk to get a more customer centric view. Is it possible to customize the User area and fill it with data from our backend?
    • Right now we are using AirCall for in and outbounding calls. Do you knwo if AirCall is also compatible?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards




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