Enabling and disabling the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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    When disabling the Agent Workspace, I'm not able to create new Departments in the Chat product - it redirects me to create a new group instead (as if AW was still enabled).

    Is this expected behavior?

    I was expecting it to return to pre-agent workspace behavior and allow me to create new Departments.

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Jacob - 

    The product manager says that yes, this is expected behavior. 

  • Josh
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    Why did the viewers list on chat get removed? That breaks the UI on the web and the mobile app. That is a huge feature for us

  • Devan - Community Manager
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    Hello Josh, 

    I would recommend posting in our product feedback forums regarding this topic so our developers can better understand your use case. This is the part of the community where our development team often replies to product changes such as these. 

    Best regards. 


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