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  • Sarah Anscombe

    Is there a way to display the % as a whole number, rather than to one decimal point?

    Thank you

  • Andy Killingsworth

    Hey, Sarah!

    You can change the number of decimal places shown using a Chart configuration setting. Select Chart configuration > Display format, then select Custom next to the metric you want to change this value for. Enter 0 in the Decimal place field:



    That should allow you to set the decimal places as needed!

  • Alex S

    For anyone else who does not have visibility to the SLA datasets (like I was) it is a visibility issue. If you are not seeing the correct datasets you need to go to:

    [left pane] Admin (Gear Icon) > Editor Authorization (first icon in triplet in middle of screen)

    Then make sure you check all the boxes you need to view the datasets. These permissions should really carry over Insights.

  • Eric Haley

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm trying to isolate the week over week % change so that it only displays that number as a KPI. Is this possible? Also, without looking at the prior two weeks' numbers, how are you supposed to tell if this week was 12.5% over or under the prior week's SLA percent? Thank you.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Eric, here's a link to where I gave you an answer to this in another article. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022184374/comments/360004007613

  • Akhter, Shahroze

    Hi Jessica Blake ! im trying to create a new metric based on the existing metric which calculates percentage of achieved SLAs but for only a limited number of policies. I have created this formula but its always showing the  percentage as 1. Can you or anyone assist me in what im doing wrong?

    IF ([SLA policy name] = "Test1" OR [SLA policy name] = "Test2" OR [SLA policy name] = "Test3" OR [SLA policy name] = "Test4")


    SUM(Achieved SLA tickets) / (SUM(Achieved SLA tickets) + D_COUNT(Breached SLA tickets))



    The part after THEN is copied from this metric "SUM(% Achieved SLA tickets)"

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Akhter, Shahroze thanks for the question.

    The thing that's happening with your formula above is that no matter what the IF statement returns, the same formula is calculated. It doesn't get restricted to the items in the search.

    Your best bet might be to use the original SUM formula without the IF statement, i.e.

    SUM(Achieved SLA tickets) / (SUM(Achieved SLA tickets) + D_COUNT(Breached SLA tickets))

    So, you'll just put this part in the calculated metric.

    Then, add the SLA policy name attribute to the Filters panel in your query. Click the filter and choose only the policy names you want.

    I hope this help you solve your problem!

  • CJ Johnson

    This dataset doesn't seem to exist?

    On the Choose a dataset page, click Support > SLAs > Support: SLAs, then click New query. Query builder opens. 

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi CJ Johnson, I just confirmed that this is working for me. Here's an example of me choosing that dataset:

    If you're not seeing what I'm seeing here, please let me know and I'll open a ticket on your behalf. Thanks!


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