Adding a ‘Call us now’ button to your website

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  • Jose Ceppi

    Hello! if there is no one online to receive a call, does the button disappear or display that there is no one available?

  • Manuel Breschi
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jose,

    thanks for your valuable input.

    At the moment, because this feature represents an experiment, it has still to be validated and therefore it does not offer advanced capabilities like the availability of an agent on that specific number.

    As a different button can be associated with different numbers, the behavior will be the one defined by the admin on that specific number (e.g. presence of an IVR or group routing, etc.).

    This being said, your feedback is really important to use and we will definitely take this into consideration for a future version, shall the experiment prove successful. In this sense, we would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts around this snippet; are you currently using it? Do you find it useful?

    Thanks a lot for your active participation in the Zendesk community,

    best regards,


  • Jerry Alexo

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing guide, I was finding the way how to add a call button on the website, now I found the solution on zendesk, again thank you so much


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