Why do end users show in my assignee filter on my dashboard?

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  • Francesco Mantovani

    "Add a hidden filter to the dashboard" is the solution. 

    I don't see why adding also "Create a custom attribute"? Is just confusing. 

    I mean, thank you, I know know that I can use the "Standard Calculated Attribute" to filter the query but I can reach the same goal by adding the Filter > Assignee Role, which give the same result and is way less geeky. 

  • Kristin Bouveng

    Is there no way you can make this much easier and straight forward and do what Insights does, and automatically show only users that inherently have the ability to be an assignee (and in addition to that, also being able to switch between 'all' and 'valid', based on data and other filters already set up in the query).

    I can live with setting up complicated additional attributes for myself, but it's a nightmare to scale my team of Zendesk Admins to also learn these type of intricate processes. I end up doing everything myself instead, as we simply don't have the capacity to work like this. 


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing that feedback, Kristin. We'll ask the product managers to review your comment, and they'll follow up if they have any additional questions.

  • Tejas Patil

    Hi Nicole,

    The first workaround works as long as I am in Editor, as soon as I publish the Dashboard I see all the names.

    Any idea why this would be the case?

  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Francesco Mantovani, Kristin Bouveng, thank you for reaching out. We are aware of this issue, which is due to the current data model. We have started discussing the importance to address it to make it simpler for you & your teams to only view agents and/or end-users when needed (without having to set hidden filters). I do understand your frustration and we will be looking into ways to address it. I unfortunately do not yet have an ETA.

    Hi Tejas Patil, can you please confirmed you added & pinned a bookmark of the "Assignee role" filter (which should only filter Admins & Agents)? If you have any issue, best would be to create a ticket so the team can assist you.

  • Christopher Rehn

    Is this really the only way? That seems like a difficult workaround for what isnt an issue with Insights.

    We switch because we are forced, and the purpose is to make things easier, and including end users in Assignee is a strange idea.

  • Maggie St. Clair

    As an employee for a software company, I am very familiar with the whole "working as designed" concept. We do, however, recognize that sometimes the way we designed it just isn't correct and therefore we have to correct it. When the name of the filter is called Assignee and the system only allows agents and admins to be assignees, it's time to step back and say "this is incorrect that we show ALL users". This really should have been caught in the QA process. I am not trying to be snarky, but at this point, it should be pretty clear that this was incorrectly designed and needs to be fixed.

  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Maggie St. Clair, as I said - we are aware of the issue and will be addressing it. I unfortunately do not yet have a timeline for its resolution.

  • fellownarrator

    I have a related issue where I have a list of code snippets showing up as options when I add a filter for Assignee name to a dashboard.  I also have a huge list of individuals (assuming these are end users) showing up in the Assignee filter.  How do I tackle both of these such that someone in my organization can go to a dashboard, click the filter for Assignee name and only see actual assignees within Support (no snippets and no other end-users)?

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi fellownarrator, 


    Thanks for reaching out! Have you followed the steps above to add a hidden filter for assignee role that will remove the end users from your assignee name data filter? If you're still finding end users listed after giving this a try let us know and we'd be happy to open a ticket on your behalf to investigate this further. 


  • Elizabeth Phelan

    I have followed the above steps of creating a filter for assignee role, then adding a bookmark to lock in that change, but I am still seeing all users in the assignee dropdown. How do I resolve this?

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hey Elizabeth Phelan - 

    I actually know of a pretty nifty work-around for this very issue using a standard calculated attribute!

    To start, open a new query in the dataset you're trying to work with.  Then, from the calculator menu on the right hand side of the screen, select standard calculated attribute.  You can call this attribute whatever you'd prefer, but I like the term "Active Agents"

    This formula is saying if the assignee is an Agent or Admin, return the Assignee's name.
    Once you save this custom attribute, you can add it to your dashboard as a data filter.

    Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
    729 Solutions

  • Erica Clayton

    +1 for Kristin Bouveng and Maggie St. Clair's comments

    Hey y'all!  We're coming up on a year of having to use this workaround.... what are the chances of this getting prioritized before Great Migration in Feb?  It is so, so much easier to use Insights for pulling data on specific assignees, especially since I have agents who work across multiple forms/groups on any given day.  I don't see why end users should continue to appear in the "ticket assignee" filter.  It's so tedious to deal with the workarounds for this in Explore, especially for new Explore users like me.  Please please pretty please fix this one.


  • Vladimir Petrushenka


    It's just such a faff typing in the full name of each assignee in order to find them. Feels like so much feedback on this from Explore users and yet we don't have ETA on this. 

    Was there any development on this lately, @Vincent Dollet Taylor Bowser

    Many thanks 

  • Jon Thorne

    Big +1 on this - with 250k end users (and growing) it also takes ages to even load to the point where we can select / exclude assignees 

  • Joshua Bentley

    Jon Thorne - if it even loads at all! I'm with you.

    Brandon Tidd - Genius! That worked marvelously. Thank you!


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